Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rally next week on Thursday and Friday Sept 20 and 21st against Nukes!

  1. Capitol Rally for a Nuke Free Future! @ Capitol Reflecting Pool
  2. 11:30 am – 2:00 pm
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  4. It is time for parents and especially mothers to STAND UP for the future.
  5. Speakers include:
  6. Jim Riccio, Greenpeace USACathy Iwane, Concerned mother & evacuee from Fukushima
    Gary Shaw, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (IPSEC)Susan Hito Shapiro, Radiation and Public Health Project & Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
    Courtney Hansen, Georgia Wand & Stop Plant VogtleLou Zeller, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
    David Kraft, Nuclear Energy Information ServiceMali Martha Lightfoot, Helen Caldicott Foundation
    Jackie Posey & Mandy Hancock, Southern Alliance for Clean EnergyDiane D’Arrigo, Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) & Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network
    Kristen Iversen, kristeniversen.comLeslie March, Sierra Club
    Chris Williams, SAGE AllianceTerry Lodge, Esq, representative of antinuclear intervenors in Ohio and Michigan
    Kendra Ulrich, Friends of the EarthNancy Burton, Esq, Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone
  7. According to Helen Caldicott: Insufficient as it is, even the National Academy of Sciences BEIR V11 Report, widely accepted as the industry standard, clearly states:
  1. There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Any exposure can trigger cancer.
  • Although the reasons are not yet clearly understood, women and children are 
significantly more vulnerable.
  • Women are 40-60% more likely to get cancer than men, given the same exposure. 
They are about 50% (half again) more likely to acquire a fatal cancer from this exposure. This means that for every two men who die of radiation related cancer, three women will die given a similar exposure.
  • Children between the ages of 0-5 are more vulnerable than all adults, both men and women. But what is almost never discussed, also from the BEIR V11 Report, is that in this age group little girls are twice as vulnerable as boys. This means that for every boy, there will be two girls who will acquire a fatal or non-fatal cancer.
  1. This is truly shocking, and when applied to the situation in Japan leads to a horrifying vision of the future. But, the fact is, these same numbers have been found for exposure to tritium and other radioisotopes, released from every nuclear reactor legally and illegally. Furthermore, the industry’s denial that clusters of childhood leukemia exist around nuclear reactors has been refuted by a number of current studies that have found these clusters DO exist. This includes the recent KiKK Study from Germany, and the Geocap study in France.If actuarial figures were holographs, we would start to see the people of Japan begin to fade before our eyes, with disproportionate vulnerability. For every two men, three women disappearing from the future, lost to cancers and radiation-related disease. For every adult, there will be disproportionately more children. For every boy, twice as many little girls… vanishing. This is a powerful image.
    2. Congressman Dennis Kucinich
      Congressman Dennis Kucinich
      “It it is very difficult for me to sit here today and to listen objectively as the NRC and nuclear industry lobbyists tell us how much has been spent, and how much security has improved… . The facts and the independent experts tell us differently.”
    3. This briefing for our representatives, sponsored by Representative Dennis Kucinich’s congressional office, has several aims. We hope to live-cast the briefing, or make a video available afterwards as the 60 or so seats will be allocated to representatives first.
    1. It is meant to focus attention on the medical effects of radiation exposure.
    2. Call for the phase out of nuclear power beginning with the rapid closure of Mark I and Mark 2 boiling water reactors in the US, in concert with plans to meet our energy needs through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy sources. We also call for the decommissioning of any reactors with serious safety concerns or located in a seismic/tsunami prone area.
    3. It is meant to heighten the focus on the continuing catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan and especially in regards to spent fuel pool in the number 4 Reactor which will hopefully still be intact by September and this in relation to our unresolved issue of nuclear waste disposal here in the United States
    4. Moderator: Brent Blackwelder, emeritus president of Friends of the Earth
    5. Speakers
      1. Mitsuhei Murata, Japan’s former Ambassador to Switzerland
      2. Arjun Makhijani, author of Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy and world renowned nuclear expert will also be speaking.
      3. Dr. Catherine Thomasson, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility
      4. Chieko Shiina, mother, organic farmer and antinuclear activist
      5. Mariko Bender will make a passionate appeal of behalf of herself and the World Network for Saving Children from Radiation.
      6. Arnie Gundersen will update us and answer questions about the Fukushima catastrophe and reactor in relation to our own nuclear plans.
      7. Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear will address the dangers of the GE Mark 1 and Mark 2 reactor designs.
      8. Michael Mariotte of NIRS will provide testimony on the state of our decrepit Nuclear fleet in the United States.
      9. Alice Slater of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation will address the relationship between Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy.
      10. S. David Freeman, senior advisor with Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign
    1. We need to mobilize the grassroots to lobby their congress people to attend with letters, phone calls and petitions during this period. C.A.N. will send a formal letter of invitation to all congressional members. Dennis Kucinich, whose office reserved the room for us will send a dear colleagues letter closer to the event and we are lobbying other congressional representatives to do the same.
    1. Busboys and Poets Fundraiser! Live Music and Speakers @ Busboys and Poets
      8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    1. This Fundraising evening of NO Nukes camaraderie will be co-hosted by C.A.N. founder and director Priscilla Star and Campaign Coordinator Michael Leonardi, and Harvey Wasserman, author of Solartopia.
    2. Special guests will include…
    3. Iori Mochizuki, the creator of Fukushima Diary
    1. Live Music will include The Insurgency from Detroit, Michigan.
    2. Libbe Halevy will supply musical levity by taking the stage to sing two original satiric songs.
    3. This event will expose the ongoing media blackout of Nuclear issues around the world and honor journalism with courage.
    4. There will be hors d’oevres and a cash bar.
    1. Entrance fee – $25.
      Space is limited to 100 people. Purchase your tickets in advance:

    2. # of Tickets



    2. A Message of Healing and Affirmation @ Museum of the American Indian
      10:00 am – 12:00 pm
      The Museum of the American Indian will host attendees of the Rally for a Nuclear Free Future at a ceremony to acknowledge the effects of the nuclear fuel cycle on Native American lands.
      Uranium mining and milling have taken a huge toll on Native American health and has cost many lives. In this solemn ceremony, we will remember our innate connection with the Natural World, offer thanks for our shared vision of a nuclear-free future, and acknowledge the injustice perpetrated on Native Lands.
      The National Museum of the American Indian
      The National Museum of the American Indian
      A tour of the museum will follow the ceremony.
    3. Rally: NO NUKES – NO WAR / Occupy the NRC @ NRC Headquarters
      2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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      Rally NO NUKES NO WAR!! / Occupy The NRC @ 11545 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, This will include a peaceful protest outside the building and a public meeting inside the building if possible. This Rally will have a NO NUKES/NO WAR theme and is taking place on what the United Nations has designated as the International Day of Peace or “Peace Day”. Speakers will address radiation and public health, the NRC’s reclassifying of depleted uranium to be used for weapons making, uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear weapons and war, and the relationship between the nuclear energy industry and the war machine. Confirmed speakers for this historic demonstration include Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, Sierra Club environmental justice organizer and native Rights Activist Robert Tohe, Congressional Fellow for the Physicians for a National Health Program Dr. Margaret Flowers, War is a peace activist David Swanson, executive director of Voters for Peace Kevin Zeese and grassroots voices from across the country from Vermont Yankee to Indian Point to North Anna to Palisades to Davis Besse to Fermi to Hanford to San Onofre and beyond! The rally will also address the NRC’s reclassifying of depleted uranium to be used for weapons making, uranium mining and enrichment, nuclear weapons and war, and the relationship between the nuclear energy industry and the war machine. 2pm – 5pm (confirmed)
    4. An Evening Rendezvous with No Nukes Films @ Letelier Theater
      6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
      Flyer art for the CAN rally after-party and film screening at the Letelier Theater in Georgetown, Friday September 21. Flyer art courtesy Yuko Tohonira. Anyone in the DC area interested in distributing some around their neighborhood, please contact us.The Letelier Theater has been described as a hidden gem in the heart of Georgetown. The theater boasts an outdoor courtyard where folks that just want to chat, eat some food or have a drink and mingle can relax. After a busy and boisterous day including a Native American ceremony and protesting the NRC headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, we will have a wonderful chance to view two excellent new films on nuclear issues in the United States and Japan. The film screenings will be followed by a short discussion.

      Please note: Theater seating is limited to 90 seats, and seats will be available on a first-come, first-served

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012


    United for Peace & Justice

    August 6th and 9th 2012 will mark the 67th anniversaries of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A year and a half ago, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima once again brought the dangers of nuclear technology to the center of the world’s attention. However, despite its immense impacts and the continuing risks posed by unstable reactors filled with melted nuclear fuel in a region prone to very large earthquakes, Fukushima already is fading into memory outside Japan. Let us use these August days of remembrance to continue our work during United for Peace and Justice’s Nuclear Free Future Month.
    It’s time to end the toxic legacy of the nuclear age and the threats posed by the existence of nuclear weapons and their evil twins, the 440 “peaceful” nuclear reactors desecrating our earth.
    Let us use the tragic anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the month of August to expand our circles in order to put our planet on the path to sustainability, ending the nuclear scourge once and for all. Let us use this month to reach out and dialogue with people and organizations beyond the peace movement and our usual partners, coalitions and friends; to educate, to inspire courage and creativity, to illustrate the steps we can take toward abolition, and to build a powerful constituency for a Nuclear Free Future.

    We can have a Nuclear Free World!
    Our main vehicle for coordinating activities and disseminating information will be the United for Peace and Justice Nuclear Free Future web pages at, where you will find a variety of action ideas and educational resources. We encourage you to post your group’s planned activities to the calendar you will find on the home page, and endorse our Call to Action. Please share your plans for Hiroshima-Nagasaki memorials this August, but please think outside the traditional bounds and plan and share additional educational events, and actions throughout the month.
    Read and endorse the full Call to Action here. And please help us spread the word!
    Nuclear-Free Future Month is an initiative of the United for Peace and Justice Nuclear Disarmament/Redefining Security working group. Please show your support for UFPJ and this effort by making a donation of $25, $50 or $100 (or more)! Click here to donate securely on line.
    Or make your check payable to United for Peace and Justice and mail it to PO Box 607, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10017. Please note on the memo line: “Nuclear-Free FutureMonth”.

    United for Peace & Justice

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    City Grants Waiver Over Objection Of Nuclear-free Committee

    Say it A'int So. My beloved Takoma Park: Fiscal Urgency Tops Desire to be ‘Nuclear Free’

    There have been so many stories written about the recent vote of our Committee to not approve a waiver to allow the library to obtain computers from a nuclear weapons supplier: H-P. Most important it was the vote of the City Council to approve the waiver that stirred the most controversy. While some believe it signals a retreat from the progressive values and principles that make Takoma Park great, I think it was simply a pragmatic decision to unpack the computers because the librarian let them sit so long in storage before resolving the problem through a plea for a waiver. The Userful software system could have functioned fine using other computers such as DELL. But the librarian choose to stonewall the Committee and provide no specific estimate of the cost to replace the computers. This inevitably led to our vote against the waiver. Some of us on the Committee questioned why Useful, having falsely certified it was in compliance with the Nuclear-free ordinance, wasn't held accountable for those costs. I guess we will never know why.

    One more thing. While it is true the list of nuclear weapons producers has not been updated in 10 years, it remains a useful guide as intended by the Ordinance. Coupled with the self certification and targeted research, the Committee and City Staff have never had an issue with determining if a company belongs on or off the list. That the Mayor and others would raise this issue is perplexing as it is a classic red herring and was not a factor in this vote since H-P is undeniably a nuclear weapons producer.

    Posted by R. Rini

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    meeting minutes

    Meeting Minutes

    Meeting of Takoma Park Nuclear-free Zone Committee

    January 5, 2012

    Takoma Park, MD

    Members present: Jay Levy (chair), Linda Boddy, Robert Rini, Jacob Rini and Paul Gunter (membership pending Council approval)

    Others present include: Linda Gunter, Seth Grimes, Dr. Rocco Casagrande and Jack Casagrande

    There being a quorum present the meeting was called to order at approximately 7:35 pm by Jay. Jay welcomed the guests in attendance (Seth and Rocco). He suggested the Committee turn to new business on the agenda: consideration of the scope of the nuclear-free zone Ordinance.

    City Council member Seth Grimes explains that Dr. Rocco Casagrande is engaged in research involving nuclear weapons and feels his situation and desire to live and work in Takoma Park may run afoul of the Ordinance and merits an amendment to the Ordinance. Seth explains that he also believes that the Ordinance may preclude anti-nuclear information and lobbying groups from being based in Takoma Park.

          He cites two sections of the Ordinance as the root of his concerns:

    14.04.090 Definitions.

    "Production of nuclear weapons" includes the knowing or intentional research, design, development, testing, manufacture, evaluation, maintenance, storage, transportation or disposal of nuclear weapons or their components; and

    14.04.040 Nuclear facilities prohibited.

    B.  No person, corporation, university, laboratory, institution or other entity in the City knowingly and intentionally engaged in the production of nuclear weapons shall commence any such work within the City after adoption of this chapter.

         He explains his concern that the definition, "production of nuclear weapons," does not explicitly limit itself to processes related to the creation of weapons.  The concern is that lacking that limitation, an individual or organization working to eliminate, or simply to study, nuclear weapons is defined by the Ordinance as producing weapons and is precluded from living or working in Takoma Park.  Seth acknowledges that is not the Ordinance’s intent.

    He also notes that while the legality of similar “nuclear-free zone” Ordinances may be in question making enforcement uncertain, he feels residents should be expected to comply with the Ordinance or the Ordinance should be changed to ensure it fulfills its original intent to promote a nuclear-free community and not unintentionally, create barriers to this worthy effort.

    Dr. Casagrande explains that his company, Gryphon Scientific, is engaged in evaluating mass casualty protocols involving nuclear weapons, collecting information about nuclear weapons specifications and capabilities of other countries and similar laudable activities to promote public safety and welfare that are clearly not involved in the production of nuclear weapons.

    The Committee discussed the Ordinance and the relevant provisions. Robert pointed out that the definition uses the word “includes” so it is not meant to be read as an exclusive definition, leaving room for interpretation of what constitutes “production”. Taking into consideration the Purpose of the Ordinance found in section 14.04.030, and the Findings found in section 14.04.030, it was reasonable to interpret the definition in context and conclude without a doubt that the work described by Dr. Casagrande is not precluded by the Ordinance and in fact, is consistent with promoting Takoma Park as a nuclear-free community.

    Robert also noted that after review of the facts, City Attorney Sue Silber had herself just recently concluded that if she was asked to interpret the law, she would not conclude that Dr. Casagrande’s work is precluded by the Ordinance. She wrote: “I would recommend interpreting these sections in light of the purposes of the legislation.”

    Julie, Jay, Jacob and Paul all agreed with Robert that there was no need to amend the Ordinance to help ensure Takoma Park remains home to anti-nuclear and other organizations working to promote and enhance life.

    Next, the Committee considered participating in Earth Day celebrations. No consensus was reached and concerns were expressed that there was not enough time to plan an event. Linda indicated that Beyond Nuclear would be willing to show the film Into Eternity and sponsor a speaker at a future event at the City Hall.

    Paul indicated that he was researching the costs to acquire a Geiger counter to measure radiation exposure, including in various locations in our area.

    Finally, Jay indicated that the City Council wanted the Committee to produce an annual report summarizing its activities in 2011. Jay offered to review the past meeting minutes and prepare a first draft. He said he would include mention of our participation at the Folk Festival, the 3 part film Series and the social media activity on our blog and twitter accounts.

    Jacob pointed out that he has been very active in keeping the Committee blog ( up to date and in using twitter (@nuclearfreeboy). He indicated the blog would benefit from having a link on the City website to promote traffic. He points out it takes a lot of time/effort to use social media to inform the community about nuclear-free zone issues and it’s disappointing that City policy precludes promoting or linking the blog or twitter accounts of members.

    There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 pm.

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    How nuclear-free are we? Join us at our next meeting on January 5, 2012

    Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 5th at the Community Center for 7:00 pm. New City Council member Seth Grimes has a  constituent who is apparently engaged in research involving something nuclear and feels his situation and desire to live in Takoma Park runs afoul of the Ordinance and merits an amendment to the Ordinance. Seth has also believes that the Ordinance may preclude anti-nuclear groups from being based in Takoma Park. Join us to discuss how nuclear-free we are in Takoma Park.
    Here is a link to the Ordinance:

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Your local nuclear plant has a plan for your future....

    Your local nuclear plant has a plan for your future....
    It's called a meltdown.
     Together we can push for a moratorium on the operating licenses of all the US Mark I reactors that are carbon copies of the Fukushima reactors with the same small containments that can only be "saved" by venting radioactivity into the environment. We are also calling for a halt on all reactor license extensions and all subsidies and licenses for proposed new reactors. It's time to move to a Renewable Renaissance (like Germany!). Let your legislators know you won't support them if they support nuclear power.